About Zachary Copfer

Hi, my name is Zachary Copfer and I’m a microbiologist masquerading as an artist. Or am I an artist masquerading as a microbiologist? I can’t seem to remember anymore. Nevertheless, I recently earned a masters degree in fine art from DAAP, University of Cincinnati, and have a bachelors degree in the Biological Sciences and  secondary education. For five years between my undergrad and graduate programs I worked as a microbiologist.

I believe that the dichotomy often imposed on the fields of art and science is extremely limiting to both areas of study. I create visual art that is about deeply exploring the beauty and poetry that reside in scientific theories. My methods are often a fusion of contemporary artistic and modern scientific practices. By working under the umbrella of art, I am enjoying a more free reign environment in which I can investigate my enchantment with science. Ultimately, I strive to create art that allows me to share my wonderment of the process of scientific study and my sense of awe of the discoveries that have been made using this process with others. In doing so, I also hope to contribute to increasing the dialogue between Artists, Scientists and their respective audiences.

9 thoughts on “About Zachary Copfer

  1. Wonderful. I never handed in my science textbooks at school – they were full of drawings and scribbles. My art books however were empty. Your concrete abstractions are great.Cheers.

  2. I happened across this article and I couldn’t help but remember a Zach Copfer that I went to elementary school with in Carmel, Indiana oh so long ago. Super shot in the dark but, that wouldn’t happen to be you would it? Regardless, the artwork and the idea itself are both very cool. Kudos.

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