About this Blog

What I envision this blog being:

For me… as I continue to concentrate on creating art, I want to ensure that I don’t lose sight of the science that has so deeply inspired me. My artwork is about the poetry and aesthetic beauty lurking within scientific theories. In order to remain in touch with this vision, I have created this blog as a place for me to post, discuss and keep fresh the science behind the art. Or was it the art behind the science?

For you… I hope this blog becomes a place for people to come and not only learn about and keep current with modern discoveries in science, but also to ponder the deep transcendental possibilities of these theories. I want this blog to be accessible to scientists, artists and to those who are none of the above. A place for artists to come and rethink their view of science, for scientists to revisit the role of art and for anyone else who is interested in exploring the overlap between the two fields.

2 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Wonderful! You show us the great creativity ever at work in the universe . . . and in the human ability to express, recognize, and be fulfilled by our slice of creativity. I am using your blog in a college writing class with the theme “the power of words and art.”

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